Dolmel Generators

Posejdon’s catalogue of products contain variety of Dolmel Generators both synchronous and asynchronous variants are available.

Spare Parts Generators Dozamel

Dolmel: The Lower Silesian Electric Machines Facotry is a continuator of the 50-year tradition of the largest manufacturer of electrical machines in Poland – DZWME Dolmel. Their area of expertise consist of production and repair of synchronous and asynchronous motors and generators as well as induction motors. Their systems are applicable in marine and industrial engines, generators in hydropower plants. Dolmel offer complete solutions for the design and manufacturing of generators and electrical motors. Dolmel holds ISO 9001 certificate issued by Bureau Veritas Quality International a sing of highest manufacturing excellency in terms of quality. Posejdon recognized the extraordinary traits of Dolmel brand and included their generators in the offer for its customers. In our offer you may find Dolmel Generators spare parts.

Products – Synchronous Adn Asynchronous Generators

Dolmel generators spare parts stand out from the competitors as it offers high reliability and durability of generators with high efficiency provided at the same time. Dolmel generators are known for low noise and vibration levels. All systems are designed for use in harsh climatic conditions and can be customized for various hydro turbines and engines. Wide range of basic technical parameters such as output, voltage, rotating speed and number of pole pairs can be offered. As well as wide range of design variants, working position (horizontal or vertical), excitation (brushless or static system), rotors (squirrel-cage or slip-ring), bearings, voltage regulators, degrees of protection and methods of cooling. 

Dolmel Generators – Synchronous And Asynchronous

Dozamel Generators are offered by Posejdon in both synchronous and asynchronous versions to make sure they can fit any customer design needs. Synchronous Dolmel generators are used in marine diesel generating sets. For the Induction motors those generators can be used as drives for ship bow thrusters. Asynchronous Dolmel generators find application in any renewable energy solutions like hydro turbines. Asynchronous generators from Dolmel are known for high reliability and durability and very economical operation. Both types of generators offer possibility of easy connection to the existing electrical network without any synchronization problems; elastic coupling with a peripheral spring and are flexible in terms of the number of turns. Majority of the installation works can be performed directly in Posejdon’s machine park which will shorten the time of order completion.