Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generators, Alfa Laval Purifiers

Company founder Gustaf de Laval was a great engineer. His main invention was the centrifugal turbine and steam turbine. In 1883, together with his partner Oscar Lamm Jr., he founded the company AB Separator. Nowadays Alfa Laval continues AB Separator legacy and 134 year history. We offer spare parts for Alfa Laval products.

Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generators

Alfa Laval specializes in equipment used to heat, cool, separate and transport products such as oil, water, chemicals, beverages, starch and pharmaceuticals. Alfa Laval products offer compact, cost-efficient fresh water production as well as purification of highest quality. This is main reason why Posejdon selected that company as a fresh water generators and purifiers provider for its customers. Check out our spare parts for Alfa Laval Fresh water generators and purifiers

Posejdon And Alfa Laval Products

Fresh water will always be at disposal when Alfa Laval system is installed onboard – seawater simply work for you as the system make it safe to use. Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generator easily can replace expensive, low-quality bunker water. Various models of Fresh Water Generators enable smart desalination for any volume of liquid. Generators convert seawater into high-quality fresh water with an optimized process that occurs in a single plate pack. The AQUA plate technology cuts seawater flow needs in half compared to conventional freshwater generators, which reduces pumping needs, electrical power consumption and related CO2 emissions. When it comes to Alfa Laval Water Generator features it can offer: thermally driven process requiring little electrical power, high-quality water with low salinity (below 2 ppm) and dissolved solids content, no outer shell, small footprint and pipework. With no outer shell and no additional service area, Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generator has a minimal weight and footprint on deck. Device is not sensitive to roll and pitch, it means it can be installed in any direction. Allowing fully customized equipment placement projects. If you need spare parts for Alfa Laval Products – check out our offer!

Alfa Laval Purifiers

The Alfa Laval filter (ALF) consists of a series of automatically cleaning filters / strainers, used in various industries mainly to protect heat exchangers against clogging, dirt and corrosion. This device is used mainly to maintain the thermal performance of plate heat exchangers and tubular condensers by making sure there is no debris or other undesirable materials in the water used in secondary cooling systems, via a highly effective automatic flushing set-up. Alfa Laval is capable to deliver purification systems with excessive quality.