Our Stock

current inventory of some of our devices

cylinder head sulzer atl25

hydroster pump acf100

mooring winch

anchor windlass and chain stoppers

Compressor Cegielski SF1-125

Diaphragm pump Husky 2150

iron pump

air conditioning unit

Purifier fopx610


Purifier mab205

Purifier mapx204

purifier mapx309

boll & kirch filter

rolls-royce steering gear sr 723 fcp-320, sr 722 fcp-300

sewage plant dvz-ska-20


LP.NameNumber on Stock
1.Camshaft Sulzer 6AL202
2.Crankshaft Sulzer 6AL25 undersize 0,8mm1
3.Crankshaft Sulzer 6AL20 undersize 0,8mm2
4.Connecting rod SulzerAL253
5.Cylinder head Sulzer AL20, complete, w/o injector2
6.Water pump for Sulzer AL20, bronze, old type2
7.Water pump for Sulzer AL20, cast iron, old type1
8.Oil pump Sulzer BAH222
9.Water pump for Sulzer AL25, right rotation, 1000RPM, new type1
10.Water pump for Sulzer AL25, left rotation, 750RPM, new type1
11.Oil pump Sulzer AL25, right rotation2
12.Pump Marelli 40-125/X2
13.Pump Garbarino IN150V1
14.Pump Garbarino P50V1
15.Turbocharger ABB VTR 251-2N spec. F7T 20.8 TVCHJJ9 W3PR1
16.Turbocharger ABB VTR 250 U spec. Z4 R333 II FH 70WE2
17.Turbocharger ABB VTR- 250 H spec. ZP 4R 338 III H H51A W3PR1
18.Turbocharger ABB VTR-250 N spec. A4 R 341 II EH 66A W P211
19.Piston Sulzer BAH227
20.Vibration damper Sulzer 6ASL252
21.Crankshaft nominal Sulzer 8BAH221
22.Sets of worms for IMO and Hydroster screw pumps (up to size 70)
23.Cylinder liner for Sulzer BAH226
24.Cylinder head Sulzer TAD48, diesel oil2
25.Oil water separator ULTRA-SEP 1000-CJ086, new, 16,5 l/min1
26.Fresh water generator Alfa Laval JWP16-C501
27.Sewage plant DVZ-SKA-20 "BIOMASTER", 3,7 M3/DAY1
28.Anchor windlass MEP-WW-48 (MEP SYSTEMS, Singapore)2
29.Mooring winch MEP-WWH 07 (MEP SYSTEMS, Singapore)2
30.Anchor chain stopper (MEP SYSTEMS, Singapore)2
31.GZUT pump 63WA30T1
32.GZUT pump 63WA25M1
33.GZUT pump 100WA80T1
34. GZUT pump 63WPS253AZ1
35.GZUT pump 40WA25M1
36.GZUT pump 40WA65M1
37.GZUT pump 40WA30T1
38.GZUT pump 400WA30T1
39.Hydrovacuum pump SKA
40.Hydroster screw pump ACF802
41.Hydroster screw pump ACF1001
42.Tofama pump PSR323
43.Pump BiaƂogon RX50-1605

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