Boll & Kirch Filters, Moatti Filters

Boll & Kirch Filters company is producing high-quality filters for liquids and gases. Products are well-designed, taking into account conditions such as temperature, pressure, viscosity, aggressiveness and quantity.

Boll & Kirch Filters, Moatti Filters Spare Parts Filters Boll & Kirch

Many years of research on these factors have created safe and durable filters and spare parts. The company also offers custom-made filters tailored to individual customer needs. Filters and spare parts can be used in shipbuilding, automotive and chemical industries, automotive and chemical industries, water treatment and supply, engine construction. Boll & Kirch Filters is also producing filters and spareparts for other liquids, like lubricating oils, detergents, gases, chemicals and fuels.

Kinds Of Filters That Are Produced By Boll & Kirch Filters Company:

  • Fuel oil filters fo ships the available fuel oil quality is worsening, which demands better filtration. Boll & Kirch filters could be used to filtration of fuel oil and heavy fuel oil.
  • Ballast Water filters they are cleaning ballast water from bacteria, small fish, plankton and viruses, which is very important for ecological reasons, because those things could overtake the existing ecological systems.
  • Marine lube oil filters lube oil is an important factor, that determines the proper operation of the engine. It creates a protective film between moving parts, which prevents them from abrasion and destruction. During operation, this oil is contaminated, which means that it does not fulfill its function properly. That is why it is so important to filter it otherwise the engine could be damaged.
  • Sea water filters unfiltered sea water can cause serious damage to machinery used in the shipbuilding industry. The particles that sea water contains could cause serious malfunctions which can cause life threatening. Boll & Kirch Filters offers systems that effectively filter sea water, which avoids breakdowns and additional costs associated with the operation of the ship.

Spare Parts Filters Moatti

Moatti filters produced by Alfa Laval are designed to filter mineral oil. Their main task is to prevent oil particles from entering the engine. Moatti filters effectively filter the lubricating oil used in transverse engines and the boot piston.They are used in diesel engines and consist of a housing, filter unit, distributor and hydraulic motor. These filters separate impurities by size, unlike separators that use the density difference between impurities and oil to separate. Posejdon also offers spare parts for Moatti filters.

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