Compressor Offer – Cegielski SF125, Wuch W92, Bitzer, Atlas Copco

Compressors Spare Parts Manufacturers Selection In Posejdon

Posejdon seeks to provide highest quality compressors spare parts that will work reliably and require minimal maintenance and service. This is why, when selecting hardware providers the company looks only for the leaders in the market. Two Polish manufacturers Cegielski and Wuch were chosen. H.Cegielski company has over 170 years of experience in the market. Refrigeration Equipment Factory “Wuch – Dębica” S.A. has been operating on the market since 1938. Looking outside of Poland two more companies are worth Posejdon’s recommendation German Bitzer with more than 80 years of machinery equipment production and Atlas Copco based in Stockholm Sweeden and operating globally in more than 180 countries. Selection of providers based in Poland and nearshore countries enables reliable and fast execution of orders both in terms of installation as well as service and part replacement.

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Characteristic Of Offered Spare Parts Products:

Spare Parts Cegielski SF125

The SF-125 compressors have a capacity of 0d 45 to 480 m3 / h built in the 1.2 and 3-cylinder in-line version and in a 4 and 6-cylinder fork system with an operating pressure of 10, 30 and 40 bar.

Spare Parts Bitzer

Bitzer offers wide variety of air compressors for industrial use. With main focus on ship cooling.
Reliable systems with powerful refrigeration compressors and seawater-resistant shell-and-tube condensers are a must-have at sea, as ships pass through every climate zone in the world. The freight cannot take damage in the process. With sophisticated compressors from BITZER, the cargo stays constantly cooled to desired temperature.

Spare Parts Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco compressor model catalogue contains several reliable, energy-saving and economical industrial air compressors for all systems requiring low, medium and high pressure. Systems can be tailored to individual parameters and customer needs. A complete series of industrial air compressors with oil lubrication and oil-free is offered. Atlas Copco technological solutions include piston, spiral, screw with pantograph; gear and centrifugal systems. Both air and water cooling.