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Spare Parts IMO Pumps

Three Screw IMO Pumps are commonly used for lubricating and fuel oil transfer in many different markets as marine, offshore, refineries etc. They are divided for couple series like ACD, ACE, ACG or ACF. Some of them are equipped with magnetic coupling which prevent any leakage beacuse of mechanical seal lack. We can provide service kits like G054 Major kit, G012 Rotor set, G053 Minor kit, G050 Shaft seal, G070 Valve element or G057 joint kit. Mostly we have everything on stock.

Spare Parts Hydro-Vacuum SKA Pump

Hydro-vacuum SKA pumps can be used in industry, individual farms and water supply systems. They are used for pumping liquids in the scope of corrosion resistance of materials used for their construction. Hydro-vacuum SKA pumps are equipped with a side annular channel and an open impeller. With their help, you can pump liquids with a temperature up to 110 oC, the density of the pumped liquid up to 1300 kg / m3, viscosities up to 150 mm2 / s contaminated with non-abrasive solid particles up to 0.5 mm in trace amounts. The pumps can operate with 50-60 Hz motors.

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Spare Parts Hydroster Pump

Hydroster pump was created to work with non-aggressive fluids, such as lubricating oils, hydraulic oils an light and heavy diesel oils. These fluids do not cause corrosion, and do not react with nitrile and fluorine rubber. Hydroster pumps can be used in lubricating of machines, transport of oils in petroleum refineries, heating of diesel oils, iltration and cooling of hydraulic systems.

Spare Parts Tofama PSR Pump

The main application of tofama psr pumps is liquid suction. They are equipped with a steel rotor and an elastomer stator. The rotor pumps the liquid, rotating in a stator. This type of pump can draws in viscosities of considerable viscosity or those that contain solids without the use of auxiliary devices. Tofama PSR pumps draws all substances gently.

Spare Parts Pumps Iron

Iron pump company is producing high quality water pumps. This company is specialized in pumps for the marine and energy sectors, but those pumps are widely used in many areas. They could be used in fire fighting, district heating, to avoid heeling and trimming interruption and in the shipbuilding industry. Pumps could pump fresh water or sea water, and can also be used for cooling water applications. Iron pump offers centrifugal, piston and turbine pumps.

Spare Parts Allweiler Pump

Allweiler comapny has been producing pumps since 1860 – now is european leader in producing solutions for shipbuilding industry, power generation and special industrial applications. Allweiler is producing pumps: centrifugal, propeller, screw spindle and progressive cavity and complete pump systems.