MAN B&W Engines (L28/32, L/S35, L/S50, L/S60)

Spare Parts MAN B&W Engines

MAN Energy Solutions is the market leader in the field of design and manufacturing of low and medium speed engines. Engines that are provided by MAN Energy Solutions cover approximate of 50% of the power needed for all World trade. It shows undisputed trust ship builders around the world put in MAN Energy Solutions as a company and in quality of it’s Products. That is as well the reason why Posejdon selected them to be included in the Product catalog. To sum up MAN B&W engine line combines classic virtues of commonly known, well-proven technology continuously upgraded and up-rated to suit the requirements to modern prime movers. If you’re looking for Man B&W spare parts, you are in a good place. Contact us to get more info!

Spare Parts MAN B&W L28/32 Engine:

MAN L28/32 is already a classic in marine propulsion and as a series has a long, well documented record for reliability and durability. Devices in MAN B&W L28/32 engine line can offer bore of 280mm-320mm. Those in-line engines have a range from 5 to 9 cylinders, offering a power breadth from 1,050 to 1,980 kW. The engine has sturdy structure and expanded chassis to ensure a low level of mechanical stress. MAN B&W L28/32 engines are known for low consumption rates of lubes, fuels and parts. They are easy to service as well. We have spare parts for L28/38.

Spare Parts MAN B&W L/S35 Engine:

MAN B&W L/S35 engine is a great example of reliable low-speed slow-bore engine. Bore of the engine is within approximate of 350 mm. The structural parts have been designed with rigidity and strength in mind to be able to withstand the higher output for these engines. The main feature of the engine worth to mention is it’s stroke to bore ratio of 4.4:1. Power that engine can provide per cylinder is 650 kW with a mean pressure of 18.4 bar at 210 rpm. MAN B&W L/S35 engine has been often used in the propulsion of an immense variety of vessels ranking in sizes from 5,000 to 25,000 dwt.

Spare Parts MAN B&W L/S50 Engine:

For small feeders, particularly the 5, 6 and 7 cylinders Posejdon’s recommendation is to install direct-coupled MAN B&W two-stroke S50 engine. The engine offers approximate bore of 500 mm. This engine type over the years became industry standard in a huge number of ship types. This engine features chain driven camshaft, camshaft controlled fuel injection timing and exhaust valve opening as well as a conventional fuel oil pumps. In L/S50 MAN B&W engine the cam controlled exhaust valve is opened hydraulically and closed by means of an air spring.

Spare Parts MAN B&W L/S60 Engine:

Main characteristic of MAN B&W L/S60 engine will be bore equals to 600 mm and stroke of 2292 mm. With engine speed of 105 r/min and mean effective pressure of 18 bars it can produce 10,200-16,320 kW of Power (output is dependent on the number of cylinders applied). The engine concept is based on a mechanic camshaft system for turn-on of the fuel injection and the exhaust valves. The MAN B&W L/S60 engine is provided with a pneumatic/electric movement system and the engine speed is controlled by an electronic-hydraulic type governor. Contact us to get more info about spare parts for MAN B&W Engines!