Ponar Power Hydraulics & Hydroster Power Hydraulics

Spare Parts Ponar Power Hydraulics

Ponar Power Hydraulics is the biggest manufacturer of parts and power hydraulics systems in Poland with more than 50-years of industry expertise. Ponar’s excellence in producing quality power hydraulics systems is confirmed by the concession of Ministry from Internal Affairs and Administration of Poland. Systems offered by Ponar are working in many industry branches. They received CATERPILLAR Platinum Certificate for the supplier of hydraulic components, issued by the largest producer of mobile machines in the world. Those traits enables Ponar to provide all kinds of solutions from single components to full end-to-end hydraulic systems. Proven extraordinary performance of Ponar Power Hydraulics products ensured Posejdon in adding them to the offer available for the customers. Ponar offers full range of hydraulic components such as: directional valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic drives and pump systems. They participated in numerous projects connected to the marine industry. Naming one of the biggest; Ponar Power Hydraulics developed and made hydraulic drives for the gate and gate valves of the modernized northern chamber of the Łabędy Lock on the Gliwice Canal of the Ordra river. The delivery included 4 hydraulic power packs, 4 battery stations and 12 hydraulic cylinders. Ponar as well participated in the project to revitalize the Vistula boulevards – they supplied hydraulic drives for mooring barges along the Vistula River. Ponar designed hydraulic power packs moving cylinders and hydraulic elements of the riverside crane. Project used UHSP60 power supplies are powered by a 6 kW internal combustion engine. The main element of the hydraulic system was a two-section mobile distributor, in which one of the sections it will be responsible for controlling the movement of the cylinders, while the other is equipped with a slider with a latch enabling constant oil flow to the crane system. A hand pump was additionally installed as part of the emergency drive. If you’re looking for spare parts for Ponar power hydraulics – contact us!

Spare Parts Hydroster Power Hydraulics

Second of the Posejdon’s choices for the power hydraulics offer is Hydroster Power Hydraulics. For over 65 years Hydroster has specialized in products that require precision, especially in hydraulic drive systems and controls. Hydroster Power Hydraulics is one of the world leaders in designing complete hydraulic drives and controls for industrial applications. They offer comprehensive support for their products starting from design to post-installation support. They offer wide variety of hydraulic ship equipment like: piston and rotary steering machines; steering sets: stem-fin-steering machines; electronic control and control systems; A0 and A60 class watertight bulkhead doors; hydraulic drives and controls of on-board mechanisms, including loading ramps, hatch covers, side boards; screw pumps; hydraulic cylinders with chromed (Cr + Cr) or stainless steel piston rods. Hydroster can as well produce fully customized hydraulic systems according to own or customer documentation. Spare parts for hydroster power hydraulics from Posejdon Marine.