Towimor And Sezamor Cranes And Davits

Spare Parts Towimor Cranes

Towimor is a polish project company which is producing maritime, offshore and industrial equipment.Towimor was founded in 1905 as a repair workshops for small river vessels. Company is using its own solutions, but can also realize deliveries basing on customer’s documentation. Towimor cranes are devices of excellent quality, designed by the best specialists in the industry, meeting the requirements of Maritime Classification Societies.
Towimor cranes offer includes:
• deck cranes
• auxiliary cranes
• cranes for handling hoses
All cranes are equipped with electro-hydraulic drive. If you’re looking for spare parts for Towimor cranes – contact us!

Towimor Cranes Spare Parts

Towimor has also a wide range of top quality davits for lifeboats and liferafts. Towimor drafts are well-designed and safe. They are used to launch various types of rafts and lifeboats with equipment and crew. They were manufactured based on the latest construction solutions, in accordance with applicable standards. And so are our spare parts for Towimor cranes.

Spare Parts Sezamor Cranes

Sezamor is a Polish company that has been operating on the shipbuilding market for 50 years. The company maintains and manufactures metal structures as part of closed projects. Sezamor Offers high-quality equipment for shipbuilding and the energy and agro-cultural industries. Is a world-famous crane manufacturer.
Sezamor offers:
• Life Raft Davits
• Life Boat Davits
• Rescue Boat Davits
• Combined Davits
• Davits Series
• Winches
• Hooks
• Motoreducers
• Assembly Overhead Cranes
• Monorail Hoists
• Pipe Couplings

Sezamor Cranes Spare Parts

Sezamor company offers also a wide range of high-quality davits.  Types of davit’s that the following company has on offer:

Life Raft Davits

The ZZ-ZOT davits manufactured by Sezamor are the rescue equipment of the ship. Their function is the gravitational launch of a life raft with passengers. Rafts are lifted off the deck after installing the unloaded support. The Sezamor davits consist of a ZOT radial davit, automatic hook, rigging and liferaft winch. They also have a remote, controlled by a brake, winch which can be use from the interior of the life raft. The davits are designed in accordance with the International Convention on Safety of Life at Sea SOLAS-74, Chapter III as amended in 1983.

Life Boat Davits

Their purpose is to rescue passengers in the event of a ship breakdown. Together with a suitable boat winch, they support the transport of boats from the ship deck. They are intended for transporting a rescue boat along with a crew of ten people.

Rescue Boat Davits

These davits are included in the ship’s rescue equipment and are intended for launching rigid or inflatable lifeboats with crew and equipment. They consist of a ZOL radial davit, lifting hook (only for inflatable boats), winch, rescue heat rack and rigging. They also have a remote, controlled by a brake, winch which can be used from the interior of the life raft.