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ABB is one of the leaders when it comes to technology. Company operates in more than 100 countries and have about 147,000 employees. Looking for spare parts for turbocharger ABB VTR? Contact us!

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Spare Parts For ABB VTR Turbochargers

When it comes to motion ABB offers range of electrical motors, generators, drives and services, as well as integrated digital powertrain solutions. ABB Motion is the #1 player in the market globally. When Posejdon is offering spare parts for Turbochargers ABB VTR from this manufacturer is sure that it will meet and exceed it’s customer’s expectations.

Spare Parts For ABB Line Of VTR Turbochargers

VTR is a series of turbochargers that was designed for two-stroke low-speed and four-stroke medium-speed, heavy-duty diesel and gas engines. Our spare parts meet all the expectations regarding safety. Those Turbochargers can achieve ratings from 700kW to value around 18,500 KW per turbocharger. In ABB VTR Turbocharger majority of bearings are placed externally which allows good access and easy maintenance. Those factors are especially important in marine propulsion systems especially at times when they operate partially loaded. To make sure Turbochargers’ smooth operation the rotor runs inside of spring-mounted, rolling contact bearings – they can be accessed from either side of the rotor; making operation with machine less complicated. To ensure long-lasting maintenance-free operation each bearing was equipped with its own lubricating and oil cooling system. The oil in ABB VTR Turbocharger needs to be changed every 500-1000 hours of operation. VTR Turbochargers are fitted with single-stage axial turbines as well as radial compressors. ABB catalogue contains different turbine blade heights, large selection of nozzle rings (guide vane) variants. What is more compressor wheel width and range of diffusers can be as well customized. All those elements make whole solution match the customer requirements in best possible way – fitting desired turbocharger operation characteristics.

Major Benefits Of ABB VTR Turbochargers For End-User Engine Operator

Opposed to other Turbochargers on the market ABB VTR is reliable and designed to work through engine’s lifetime. Precise production standards that ABB ensures mean no re-matching required during spare parts replacements. Turbocharger from VTR series are characterized by very low friction which will guarantee optimum engine performance even at times when vessel is not fully-loaded. Placement of the connectors: on the Turbocharger side allow for water cleanup even during device operation. ABB position on the market means that spare parts as well as maintenance services are always at hand.

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