GZUT S.A. Company – Spare Parts

Posejdon always cooperate with market leaders in terms of equipment design and manufacturing. GZUT S.A. was selected on the basis of extraordinary experience in the field. GZUT S.A. – Technical Equipment Plant Inc. was established in August 1991 and took over the property of the state company of the same name – GZUT, which started in business in 1945. The company continues its 200-year tradition in the manufacturing of machinery. This ensures highest possible quality of offered systems. We are also offering highest quality spare parts for GZUT pumps.

Spare Parts GZUT Pumps

GZUT have experienced group of employees specialized in commissioning and operation of equipment and machinery with emphasis on the liquid flow equipment. When it comes to pump systems GZUT products and spare parts stand out from their competitors as they always ensure high efficiency, reliability, simple construction, small amount of components and being easy to service.

In shipbuilding industry Posejdon sees application of GZUT pumps in the areas of sea and fresh water cooling systems, bilge systems, ballast systems as well as fire-fighting solutions.

Spare Parts For GZUT WL Pump And GZUT WA Pump

Pumps and spare parts of type WL and WA are centrifugal, single-stage vertical impeller pumps that are moved by a 50 Hz or 60 Hz electric alternating current motor. The electric drive is transmitted by an inseparable flexible coupling. The pump body is placed among the vertical plane. The pump’s flanges are of the same diameter, located at the same height in relation to the pump base. The shaft equipped with the rolling bearings is sealed in the stuffing-box by single mechanical seal. The pumps are sealed with Burgman mechanical seals. The pump construction made this way enables easy disassembling without motor and pipe connections. Material used for the pump’s casing and stuffing-box depends on the version of the pump. WL and WA GZUT pumps of the type M are made of grey cast iron and type T are made with bronze. An impeller and its rings are made only from aluminum bronze. A shaft is made from stainless steel type H17N2. The WL and WA GZUT pumps are made to pump liquids in various temperature ranges. For fresh water and oil it can reach up to 85oC and for sea water up to 45oC. When it comes to parameters  WL and WA GZUT pumps offer capacity: Q = 25 ÷ 1000 m3/h, delivery head: H = 20 ÷ 120 m, maximum manometric suction head for clean water in temp. 20 o C an atmospheric pressure 760mmHg is from 5 to 7m (depending on version of the pump).

WL and WA GZUT Pumps are suitable to pump fresh water, sea water and oil of viscosity up to 5°E (36,2cSt).