Suzler companySulzer is a global leader in fluid engineering. Sulzer built their first diesel engine in 1898. Over 100-year long history in the business is a sign of reliability. This is main reason why Posejdon choose Suzler products to be a part of its offer. We offer spare parts for Sulzer Engines.

Spare Parts

Spare parts Sulzer engine

Spare parts AL20/24 ENGINE: AL20 SERIES: 200MM CYLINDER DIAMETER, 240MM STROKE, 700-1200 RPM.

Cylinder arrangement for those engines is in-line only. Fuel: heavy (HFO), light (MDO), gas (various, including even recovered from landfills). Sulzer AL20/24 are produced in several custom variants. In Poland most commonly built versions are: 6-cylinder versions: 6AL20 / 24 and 8-cylinder versions: 8AL20 / 24. Many of these engines work as the main propulsion of fishing vessels, tugs and other auxiliary vessels showing great results.

Sulzer s20 engine

S20 engine: Classic 4-stroke engine, with a build number of cylinders depending on the model ranging from 4 to 9. With direct fuel injection technology applied. Underslug crankshaft is applied forged in one piece and fully machined. Sulzer made its journal diameters sizable for high torsional rigidity. Sulzer S20 engine offers low operational costs due to low-time consumption maintenance and long maintenance intervals. Sulzer S20 engine is known for its low fuel and lubricating oil consumption it means it can lower the vessel operating cost.

Sulzer ATL 25/30 engine

The AT25 series (AT25 / 30) – is a modernized version of the AS25 H engines – four-valve cylinder head, bore-cooled with 2+2 valves. Currently the latest and most efficient of the Sulzer A25 engines are produced in many variants (they vary in diameters are number of cylinders used). For this engine fule can be light MDO or heavy HFO. The connecting rods are drop-forged from chrome-nickel steel and fully machined. Considering the construction applied, Sulzer ATL25/30 engine is highly reliable.

Sulzer aSL 25/30 engine

Sulzer ASL 25/30 engine: In ASL 25/30 line of engines four-valve cylinder head was used. This device can find appliance in propulsion of small power generators. Production is stopped engines available on the market are in majority used and recovered from the scrapped ships. The engine has two versions one that can operate either on Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) or on Marine Diesel Oil (MDO). Version working only on MDO does not have bore-cooling of cylinder covers. Samples of markings for engines from this line: 6ASL25 D, (MDO, 6 cylinders), 8ASL25 H (HFO, 8 cylinders).

Sulzer zl 40/48 engine

ZL40/48 engine: Main ship engine – based on diesel. Can offer approximate of 3500kW of power for example 8-cylinder model (around of 5000 bHP). Engines of ZL40/48 types are popular choice for main ship propulsion module; this means spare parts are widely available. Availability of parts lowers the cost and time for execution of maintenance orders. Majority of works can be executed directly in Posejdon machine park. ZL engines maintenance is specialty of Posejdon as more than 800 sets of 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel engines under official New Sulzer Diesel license were produced here in Poland.

Sulzer td 48 engine

TD48 engine: Brisk competition on the engine sector of shipbuilding market all over the world lead Sulzer to design of TD48 engine model. This type of machine can be used both as main engine as well as auxiliary engine. TD48 engine based on 4-stroke diesel technology. Posejdon has a full catalog of spare parts and dedicated maintenance services available for this engine type. What is more Posejdon company specialized spare parts supply-chain will ensure shorter upkeep time compared to competitors.

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